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Riverlife by Oxford Landing

Oxford Landing has a long reputation for good, affordable wines, well loved by the glass at the local pub. With Riverlife, they are attracting the next generation of drinker with fun labels wrapped around lightweight bottles. The wines are vegan and made with minimal intervention – juicy, well-made wines perfect for drinking in the sun and delivering value well above their price tag.

The grapes come from the Riverland, South Australia’s patch of the Murray-Darling. The Oxford Landing vineyards stretch for miles of flat sun-toasted land. The river provides water for irrigation, something that is taken very seriously at Oxford Landing. With sustainability in mind the irrigation system has sophisticated sensors, ensuring each vine is delivered only what it requires, thus conserving water. Similarly, a massive revegetation project began in 2007, planting over 850 acres of native fauna on property purchased next to the vineyard site.

Riverlife by Oxford Landing Sun Chasing Pinot Grigio 2022

Aromas of tangy green apple sherbet and a squeeze of lemon. Gorgeously bright and juicy with ripe pear and white peach flavours with a lovely silky texture. Drink with prawn and mango salad, crunchy cos and a hint of chilli.

Sunchasing Pinot Grigio

Riverlife by Oxford Landing Wake Making Moscato 2022

There’s a solid fizz here, lifting it above the usual spritz territory of Moscato. The flavours are everything you want from this variety – Cotton Candy Grapes, lychees and pink roses. It’s a light 8.5% alcohol by volume with the right amount of sweetness and refreshing white nectarine acidity.

Wakemaking Moscato

Riverlife by Oxford Landing Stargazing Juicy Red 2022

This pours the prettiest pale ruby colour and smells like fresh rhubarb and macerated strawberries. It’s very light with low levels of tannin. A smashing option for those who like their reds lightly chilled, perhaps alongside a grazing platter.

Star Gazing Juicy Red



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