Wynns Coonawarra Estate Black Label Cabernet Sauvignon 2019

Tony Love
96 Points – Drink 2024 – 2045

Produced from Wynns’ best 20%-25% fruit grown on the region’s terra rossa vineyard, the Coonawarra’s major defining geological identifier, this is cabernet elegance personified. All elements link hands in unison, deep-down dark fruit aromas, a little crushed chalkiness on the nose and on the textural side later, vitality in the black-berried pastille flavour spectrum, and a subtle chariness from well-toned oak maturation. Bring all these elements together and they gather up a distinctive power on the palate, and once you’re tuned into this you’ll see a logic and efficiency in everything going on here that spells a rare kind of vinous magic. 

Angus Hughson
95 Points – Drink 2021 – 2045

What an extraordinary wine and no doubt one of the best value wines to be released in 2021, this is a must have for Wynns fans or, for that matter, anyone with a wine cellar. It’s gorgeous now and also built for the long haul.

Bright deep ruby, it instantly appeals thanks to bright vibrant fruits and rare energy that says drink me. Fruit pastilles, leafy going into celery salt herbal elements are supported by balanced oak. The palate is all about understated power and balance with a core of sweet blackcurrant fruits that are long and enveloping. There is a also a firm backbone of tannins which help to provide an exceptionally long finish. A triumph that is worth stocking up on to enjoy over the next ten, twenty, even thirty years. 

Ray Jordan
97 Points – Drink 2025 – 2050

Oh, it does the heart good to see this wine singing such a beautiful tune these days. It remains one of my favourite Aussie cabernets for so many reasons – history and quality are two, but then there is how it almost mirrors my own journey in wine from the time I first tasted one of these. In fact I have been fortunate to have participated in vertical tastings of every wine back to that seminal 1954, and they remain among my most cherished memories in Australian wine. This has a beautiful seductive cherry and red berry aroma augmenting the cassis of Coonawarra cabernet. The palate delivers high energy and brightness as it drives to an effortlessly long finish. Highly polished and elegant with a suave poise. These wines cellar for decades if you wish. 

Jeni Port
95 Points – Drink 2021 – 2040

Looking good at 64! Black Label celebrates its 64th vintage with another engaging and honest appraisal of cabernet sauvignon Coonawarra-style. It’s become the archetypal Coonawarra cabernet, the one most of us can afford, the one that many of us have grown up with and are warmly familiar with. That fact alone, carries a lot of expectation. Consider them met in the 2019 release.

Love the wine’s leafy thread that darts in and out between the black fruits and dried herbs. The joy of Black Label is that it is at once simple but also capable of revealing complexity and depth. There’s a lot happening in the glass and in a good year like 2019 it seems to explode on to the senses.

It’s almost a crime to drink it now, but the temptation is strong, the allure of cassis, dark chocolate, vanilla and well-crafted tannins all beautifully formed and running deep is there right now. It would be a shame not to indulge.

Ken Gargett
96 Points – Drink 2022 – 2042

One of Australia’s most iconic wines and having done the full vertical back to 1954, on a couple of occasions, I can attest to its longevity, its grace and what a class act it always is. And I can confirm that this is a most worthwhile addition to the ranks. This is a wine which should be in every Aussie winelover’s cellar. The team at Wynn’s source fruit for this wine from only the top 20 to 25% of their grapes. The oak here is a mix of “new (31%) and seasoned French hogsheads (61%), barriques (26%) and vats (13%)”, according to the team. 

An opaque purple, the wine offers a classic Coonawarra nose – black fruits, a hint of mint, a savouriness and some blackberry and black cherry notes. You can even find some black jellybean characters there. There is an embrace of oak but it adds, rather than intrudes. Good flick of acidity assists the wine to linger beautifully. It maintains its intensity right to the long finish. Good structure with very fine tannins. This wine has at least two decades ahead of it, but is certainly already approachable now. 



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