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Apple Betty Chardonnay

Zonte’s Footsteps Apple Betty Chardonnay Adelaide Hills 2022

Adelaide Hills Chardonnay from a cracking vintage and a top producer, what is not to like. One assumes that there...
FOCHXX Website Bottle Shot

Forrest Marlborough Chardonnay 2022

Picked ripe and it shows, with an immediate burst in sunny tropical fruit aromas in passionfruit, peach, mango, melon and...
pk Twin Valleys Reserve Chardonnay mL

Twin Valleys Single Site Reserve Chardonnay 2023

Fruit is sourced from a single vineyard at Moyhu by the river. Subtle white florals, Lilies of the Valley, fennel...
pk Twin Valleys Reserve Chardonnay mL

Twin Valleys Single Site Reserve Chardonnay 2023

The label says much of what is needed to locate this wine in Victoria’s High Country – in the lower...
pk Twin Valleys Reserve Chardonnay mL

Twin Valleys Single Site Reserve Chardonnay 2023

The fruit for this wine has been sourced from a single site in Victoria’s King Valley. Attractively packaged, the wine...

Cloudbreak Adelaide Hills Nouveau Chardonnay 2023

Adelaide Hills offers some cracking Chardonnay. This example is shining yellow, an elegant, leaner, lighter style with notes of lemon,...
B Cloud Break Chardonnay

Cloudbreak Adelaide Hills Limited Release Chardonnay 2022

Love the stumpy bottles. Surely they’ll catch on, at least to an extent. The wine, from the Adelaide Hills, is...
LeoneChardonnay btt

Lou Miranda Estate Leone Chardonnay 2022

Barossa Chardonnay from a Rowland Flat vineyard, planted back in 2005. Fermentation and maturation were both in a combination of...

Stella Bella Margaret River Chardonnay 2023

Whole bunch pressed and wild fermented with some stylish winemaking in play, this is a Chardonnay dressed in layers of...

Stella Bella Otro Vino Chardonnay 2023

A big introduction worthy of a drumroll. Tropical fruits explode in passionfruit pulp, melon, peach, nectarine with an ample dose...
Lange Providence Road Chardonnay

Lange Estate Providence Road Chardonnay 2023

Chardonnay from the Frankland River region in the West, this is from the famous Gin Gin clone from Block 7...
Byron & Harold The Protocol Chardonnay

Byron & Harold Protocol Chardonnay 2023

A fine Margaret River Chardonnay with a flick of French oak adding nutmeg to the mix, ensuring complexity and a...
Byron & Harold The Partners Chardonnay

Byron & Harold The Partners Chardonnay 2023

Fascinating to see this Great Southern Chardonnay alongside its sibling from Margaret River. Yes, it is not a competition, but…...
Moss Brothers Fidium Chardonnay

Moss Brothers Fidium Chardonnay 2023

The cracking Chardonnays from Margaret River just seem to be part of an endless production line – a great thing...
BG Chardonnay

Blue Gables Jesse Chardonnay 2023

Yellow grapefruit skin, tinned peaches and sliced pineapple rings. Yellow guava and papaya. Mineral powder, sandstone and vanilla custard. A...
Passel Estate Chardonnay

Passel Estate Chardonnay 2021

This is just the kinda nose I like, white stone fruit, mealy solids, matchbox hints with an underlying richness and...

Vignerons Schmölzer & Brown Chardonnay 2023

Predominantly made from declassified Thorley Vineyard fruit with a small amount from the Brunnen Vineyard. High quality cedar and gunsmoke...
Coughlan Estate Chardonnay

Coughlan Estate Chardonnay 2023

Some smart, well-controlled winemaking is employed here, where fruit, oak and acidity work nicely hand in hand. Layers of leesy...
Driftwood T Artifacts Chardonnay

Driftwood Estate Artifacts Chardonnay 2022

Powdered sandstone, pomelo skin and golden delicious apples. Stewed pears, honeysuckle and nougat. Mock orange, lemon sherbet and freshly washed...
Provenance Ballarat Chardonnay NV

Provenance Wines Ballarat Chardonnay 2017

From the windswept Sinclair Vineyard in Scotsburn, this was handpicked and whole bunch pressed before wild fermentation in French oak...

Xanadu Reserve Chardonnay 2022

Product of the excellent, albeit quite small, ’22 vintage. Heady stuff on the nose with distinct pear and edgy lime...

Xanadu Stevens Road Chardonnay 2022

This is generally a fine and more delicate Chardonnay compared to the Reserve. It works really well in this season,...

Hutton Triptych Chardonnay 2023

Wild finger limes, sparkler flint. Kiwi and golden nectarines. Honeysuckles, cashew praline and biscotti. A thrilling line of acidity backed...
New Reserve Chard High Res

Hutton Reserve Chardonnay 2022

Lemon meringue pie, Meyer lemon and golden baked apples. School toffees, vanilla bean ice cream and gardenia blooms. You’ll also...