Pineapple on a pizza?

“It’s what we leave out that makes it better”…  for some it’s coriander in a Thai green curry, for others it’s pineapple on a pizza. For Winesmiths it’s chemicals and animal products in their cask range. The first certified organic cask wine to enter the Australian market, audited from vineyard to pack.

Industry leaders, the Hill-Smiths (the literal ‘Smith’ in Winesmiths), are pioneers of innovation and breaking stigmas. We have them to thank for a day dedicated to Viognier and now for premium cask wine. ‘Premium’ and ‘cask’ – never the twain shall meet. In the past, an oxymoron…. much like ‘glamourous camping’. However, thanks to Coachella, glamping (yes that’s glamorous camping) has become ubiquitous. Even the wine industry is following suit from Margaret River to Coonawarra. And with premium cask wine… is there a more symbiotic pairing?

Unlike the Coachella festival goers, Winesmiths practice what they preach – being vegan, reducing their carbon footprint and rather than rapping about ‘the birds and the bees’ – their organic certification guarantees chemicals will not harm them.  

2021 Winesmiths Cabernet Sauvignon

Deep crimson with a violet hue, the fruit on the nose mirrors – mulberries, santa rosa plum and blackcurrant pastilles. An approachable Cabernet, not seeking Claret sophistication. Its tannins are like mineral foundation, barely there yet providing flawless coverage. The subsequently smooth palate, a reflection of those purple fruits, accompanied by red liquorice, spearmint, and a backbone of acid. I’m thinking glamping on the river by an open fire, paired with homemade burgers and beetroot chutney… ‘leaving out’ the pickles.

2021 Winesmiths Chardonnay  

Chartreuse in colour the aromas jump out the glass – rich and ripe, an abundance of stonefruits; white nectarine, white peach, candied pineapple and orange blossom. The flavours follow suit – a broader acid line, its fleshy fruits slowly travel from the tongue, upward to the roof of the mouth. Avoid over chilling as this process is cut short. Fitting for an eco tent sunset with Niçoise salad… ‘leaving out’ the anchovies.

2021 Winesmiths Pinot Grigio

Straw golden in the glass with a delicate perfume of white florals, quince and crunchy Packham pears – the ones that require a twist of the wrist to break off. Mislead by the nose, the palate is richer – the fruits have been poached in the interim and a wand of honey drizzled over. My favourite of the three. Its lining of acid to the inside of your cheeks makes for a literal, mouth-watering pairing with garlic butter, roast chicken… ‘leaving out’ the side of Brussel sprouts.

To the credit of Winesmiths’ marketing team, it is “what we leave out that makes it better”.



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