The Yellow Jubilee

Since the 17th century, sparkling wine has been synonymous for celebration. See it as crazy or profound, I cannot help but draw a parallel between the opening of a sparkling wine and how we celebrate. The pressure in the bottle is that abundance of joy we can’t contain, while the pop is that giggle, squeal or cheer. My partner prefers the more masculine ‘fist pump’. Whereas, shamefully, I am an ‘O.M.G!’ girl paired with on-the-spot jumping. Before you judge, be honest and recall how you react…

If the past year has taught us one thing, it is to celebrate the small wins. You know the ones…. a clean set of green lights on the way home, finding $20 in the pocket of your jeans or petrol for under $1.10.

For half a century Yellowglen has made a toast to the everyday. To those green lights, that pair of jeans, and the full tank of petrol. And for less than $10 a bottle, they have made it possible to celebrate surviving a Monday. Now, it is time we raise a glass to their golden jubilee. My mother is an advocate that life begins at 50. So according to mum, Yellowglen, it is only the beginning. 

The start gun to celebration. The cork pop speaks a universal language. Followed by a dance of bubbles, you are given a sensory show all before it hits your glass. And with 50 years of experience, it appears Yellowglen have perfected the performance. Set against a golden backdrop, the curtain opens to a perfume of green apple and orange blossom. Its effervescence expands like the marshmallow centre of a pavlova and dissolves into a refreshing, lemon sherbet finish.

Reading like a Hallmark card, Yellowglen’s limited edition Brut Cuvée is ‘Fun, Flirty and Fabulous at Fifty’. Here’s to 50 more!

This 100% independent content was published with support from the winery.



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