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Winesmiths x Pelli – Relaxation to Renovation

On any given day, a construction site will consist of the following: empty cartons of iced coffee, a Makita radio, planks of timber, screws, and the quintessential Aussie esky. By day, this national icon houses the said iced coffees alongside ham sandwiches, Mount Franklins, and an ill-advised quantity of energy drink. By night, a beer or two has miraculously found their way inside.

This is a world I have found myself all too familiar with, after purchasing a house based on the merits of potential and charm. Two beguiling adjectives used by real estate agents to veil a reality of asbestos and architecture fees. What the renovation process has taught me is the importance of befriending trades; baked goods, coffee runs and staying back for when the esky initiates night mode. Fortunately, Winesmiths x Pelli collab masks my distaste for a ‘frothie’ and fastidious standards with a carefree front. I believe the term is called ‘catfishing’.

Although the PR team at Winesmiths purposed this stylish cooler bag, made from recycled materials, as a ’must-have accessory for picnic, outdoor events, and gatherings’ they undervalued its place on a jobsite. The room for an ice brick ensures soggy cardboard is a thing of the past, whilst its unique tap opening removes the need to open the bag. If I was a mother, I’d see no shame in bringing this along to my child’s extracurricular activities. Rosé for tennis matches, Sauvignon Blanc for chess tournaments and who says it is limited to chilled wines? There is no foul in swapping either for a Shiraz cask during Winter and surviving bitterly cold football trainings. This is a lifestyle bag after all.

Yalumba Winesmiths Dry Rose NO VINTAGE

Winesmiths Rosé 2022
A few years has earnt this wine a coral hue, not dissimilar to the Pelli wine bag. There is nothing more beautifully trivial than a vinous colour coordination. If only life was so sans souci. The tap opens with waves of aromatics; ripe strawberries, pickled watermelon, red delicious apple, and hints of freesia florals. This is round and uncomplicated, time has seen the acid soften and replaced by fruit sweetness – reoccurring strawberries, raspberries, red frog confectionary and a lingering spice on the finish. Weakened drinking stamina from my youth proved a blessing as a few days in the fridge saw a creamier palate akin to strawberry cream Chupa Chup lollypops. Currently without a kitchen, this pairs perfectly with airfryer wedges accompanied by sour cream and sweet chili sauce.

Yalumba Winesmiths Sauvignon Blanc NO VINTAGE

Winesmiths Sauvignon Blanc 2023
In what can sometimes seem like an offensive and censorious world, I welcome meek and mild. And this wine is just that; approachable, inoffensive, and varietally typical. A combination of passionfruit sour ale, tangelo, and lemon infused water. The palate its mirror, with the added bonus of a pimento stuffed, green olive finish. There is a lightness to the wine that is matched by transient yet zippy acidity – in other words… take-out Pad Thai. For a sophisticated touch, serve with a lemon wedge and stainless-steel cutlery. Both better the next day!

A tradesman may walk onto a jobsite, but when met by a dust-free receptacle and 2L wine bag at 5pm he leaves as a friend. – Proverb



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