Brown Brothers Patricia Cabernet Sauvignon 2018


Brown Brothers spoil us when they release wines like this with five years of age; we get to drink them without having to be patient. There’s aromas of plush blackberries and blueberries. Rocky road with fine dark chocolate, homemade vanilla-scented marshmallows, freeze dried raspberries and lightly toasted coconut.  Intensely concentrated and full-bodied, yet balancing the richness of fruit with an unexpected elegance. The flavours dance between black cherries and plums, dried lavender, black olives, and spicy just-brewed chai tea. This wine wraps you up in the immersive experience of walking through an old-growth forest – the fragrance and calm of earth, wood and verdance. There are high levels of dusty talcum-powder tannins and a bright berry acidity that promises further cellaring will continue to reward; but why wait?