Aubert et Fils Rose NV


One of my favourite wine categories is Champagne Rosé. With or without food there is so much to enjoy – this category is so flavoursome by nature. On this occasion I selected Aubert et Fils Rose Non Vintage to enjoy with Thai Green Curry Mussels. Anticipating the outcome of this exotic food & wine matching intrigued me to say the least.

This Champagne rosé is particularly accessible at only $31.50, giving it broad appeal in an otherwise more expensive category. Often misunderstood by consumers as it is perceived to be a ‘sweeter proposition’, I usually find Champagne Rosé drier. Having said that, this particular Champagne Rosé has a distinctive raspberry cordial characteristic with a dry finish. Champagne Rosé generally flows extremely well with food due to the vibrant and fresh character while preserving a strong fruit forward personality.

Thai Curry Mussels are intensely aromatic, spicy, creamy and meaty. The aroma of coconut, kaffir lime and coriander blended with the steamy mussels is enticing. Exceptionally chunky New Zealand mussels were superbly washed down by the Champagne rosé. The red cherry character, creamy texture and overall vibrancy of the wine made this a rewarding experience. I never expected it. The ginger in the dish added a whole dimension of flavour. Overall what a great exotic experience.

The wine shone on the back palate, and I took my time to contemplate this. The Aubert et Fils rose showed a gorgeous long finish of pink lady apple and strawberries. It felt like the creamy coconut curry combination carried the wine further along the palate. A delicious pleasure.