Bekkers TOME Vol 1 2021


Entertaining friends and family at home gives me great pleasure. I relish the opportunity to show off my gastronomic skills to an amicable audience. To start proceedings I decanted the wine for 30 minutes. Once it opened up, it displayed seductive notes of blueberry, freshly opened chocolate box and cedar. The palate has bouncy flavours and a curvaceous texture. Tannins are softly treated which creates a charming cuddly sensation. A platter of Himalayan salted crackers with smoked salmon, goat cheese, and topped with chives was an interesting accompaniment. The food’s savouriness interacted marvelously with the acidity of the wine. For a different pairing, lamb cutlets, buttered baby potatoes with dill and a substantial salad were selected for the main. What a treat it was to cleanse the oiliness and strong flavour of the lamb with this deliciously juicy red – such a moreish encounter. This is an stylish early drinking proposition where the fruit shines in all its glory.

TOME (by) Bekkers is a trade-exclusive offering.