Black & Ginger Great Western Miss Piggy 2023


Oh my, how I loved this wine. In fact, I gave it the same score as the previous vintage as it’s one of B&G’s best wines – which isn’t saying much really as they’re all high quality anyway. Made from Orange Muscat (which has the delightful French name of Muscat Fleur d’Oranger) and Riesling, it has the expected aroma of orange (orange blossom in this case), coupled with fresh honeysuckle, peach, lemon, acacia and white pepper – it’s a pure delight even just to smell. The palate is sumptuous, silky, oily, and very, very tasty, mirroring the aromatic characters. It’s still a beauty to drink on the second night but it’s likely you’d want to finish it all on the first, even at 14.5%ABV, which it hides very well.