Gundog Estate Gundaroo Off-Dry Riesling 2022


There is an art to making a top, off-dry Riesling. The balance of fruit, acidity and sweetness is the thing, and I love the fine balancing act on display here. The intensity of fruit, of apple blossom, lime cordial, lime zest, ginger notes and spices sets the scene. This is a serious Riesling in its own right, an important point that not all winemakers appreciate when making off-dry wines. The solid lime-lemon core is both delicious and vibrant. Sweetness is integrated, not too obvious or separate to the rest of the wine, and it plays its role well in parlaying a lovely fruit quality into something of greater depth and character. It also brings a smoothness across the middle palate before a clean lick of acidity brightens and refreshes. Bring on the Thai food and enjoy.