Oliver’s Taranga Chica Rosé 2023


A wine to make you smile, ‘Chica’ is a vibrant and fruit-driven rosé. There aren’t many wines made with Mencia in Australia, and even fewer rosés made with the grape. This wine certainly makes a case for the variety. Oliver’s Taranga was the first winery in the country to plant it, and thank goodness they did. Normally 100% Mencia, 2023 saw a reduced yield, so this vintage is a blend of 55% Shiraz and 45% Mencia, with carbonic maceration boosting the variety’s floral and lolly-water characteristics, and Fiano lees for texture. Seaside funfair vibes with a quirky oyster note on entry. Not just the shell; I’m talking about the whole briny ocean-spray-oyster-glory, deftly followed by juicy and concentrated fruit. Distinct fruit hues of watermelon rind, candied red apple, and fair-ground joy, complete with sparkly lights and show bag sweeties stuck in your teeth. Bundles of floral spice and a bit of musk stick. Acid is fresh, there’s cranberry brightness and bite. Fun and lively, isn’t that what rosé is about?

Variety: Other, Rosé