Tinto de Rulo Moscatel de Alejandria 2021


What a great natural wine this is! It has a pristine, clean aroma and a hazy, yellow-orange appearance. On the nose, it has an intriguing array of apricot, lilies and wet chalk aromas, which tells the story that this wine is a little wild. On the palate it is gentle, soft, and precise and its acidity balances out the palate leaving a delicious ripe nectarine flavour as it finishes. This has an easy drinking style with immediate charm, the dry finish and slippery texture combination on the palate got me hooked. On the side I placed a selection of Tasmanian Ashgrove cheeses; smoked cheddar, wasabi, bush pepper and rubicon red. A simple yet pleasing matching experience. The creaminess and soft textures paired nicely with the delicate acidity and stone fruit personality of the wine. I always find simplicity so rewarding, and this food and wine matching is clear testimony of that. I highly recommend this exotic Chilean wine.