Alvaro Palacios ‘Camins del Priorat’ 2019


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Simply one of the greatest patrimonies in the wine world, Priorat, named after a priory established by Carthusian Monks in the 12th century, was nearly lost until Alvaro Palacios and a handful of visionaries pioneered its revival.

Camins is a blend of garnatxa and caryniena (grenache and carignan, part of the local heritage) in perfect synergy with syrah and Bordeaux varieties. It celebrates this ancient region while remaining contemporary.

Freshly squeezed mulberry with an infusion of sage, wild lavender and Mediterranean pine balsams dominate the nose. Time in the glass brings up a fascinating raw cocoa mass scent, liquorice and subtle oriental spices. The palate has an elegant rusticity to it, with earth, smoke plus a pleasant chewiness and ends with an exhilarating blood orange vibrancy. Superb.

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