Chateau Yaldara 1847 Grand Pappy’s Shiraz 2018


Another stunning Barossa Shiraz, built for the long haul, but just as ready to give over to immediate gratification, if that is your thing. The makers seem to have taken everything that makes a cracking Barossa Shiraz and jammed it into this bottle as hard as they can. Open it and it all comes tumbling out. Black/purple in colour, we have cassis and chocolate, warm earth and tobacco leaves, dry herbs and cloves. There is good early complexity, a creamy texture, impressive length and silky tannins. The balance is immaculate. Oak, but it is melding so well that it merely adds to the impression of a big, bold, wonderful red. Twenty years will hardly dint this stunner. Scoring these wines is always a balancing act. It should be acknowledged that there are winelovers for whom this style is not their preference and they will wonder what all the fuss is about. Others will think this score utterly miserly. Take your pick. Personally, I do love it.