Hewitson Baby Bush Mourvèdre 2020


We recently looked at Hewitson’s ‘Old Garden’ Mourvèdre, a rather famous wine coming from a vineyard planted in 1853 – the
oldest Mourvèdre vines on the planet. This wine comes from a ‘Selection Massale’ planted in 1998, which was taken from the famous 1853 vineyard. Basically, this means that cuttings are taken from the old vines and planted afresh. It preserves the genetic diversity and the quality that the old vines offer. So vines will be selected which have features the winemaker seeks, perhaps more resistance to disease than their neighbours, or more concentrated berries. All sorts of reasons. And there will usually be a mix of attributes. We don’t want boring old uniformity. So, you might not be getting what an ancient vine can offer but you are surely getting the next best thing, and at a fraction of the cost. It also explains the name, ‘Baby Bush’. The colour here is nearly an opaque red. The nose is typical Mourvèdre (anyone exploring the world of wine, wanting to see the characteristics of a single varietal Mourvèdre, this wine is an ideal example); earthy, burly, with chocolate, dark fruits and a meaty note. Rich and ripe, it is a wine of medium length, though full bodied with a good flick of acidity. Has three to six years ahead of it but would be perfect for a good barbecue today.

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