Oliver’s Taranga Shiraz 2021


This is a “Do I?” or “Don’t I?” kind of wine. Do I drink it now, or do I tuck it away somewhere safe for a while? I am in two minds. The ’21 is such a superb vintage, you know it’s going to age a treat. And with those firm tannins laying such a strong base, it will be an age-worthy wine. But then the fruit is so tempting now. The scent of bramble, black cherry, black berries, briar with a dash of oak-led pencil shavings sets the scene for a palate that showcases Vale Shiraz in a great year. There’s complexity and good concentration as more and more is slowly revealed with a layer of bitter chocolate here, light spices there, tied up tightly by firm tannins finishing with a cherry pip astringency. Super clean. But, yes, with more time so much more will be revealed.