The King of Puns, Mr Morgan Otis Dunn

We have all been shocked by the recent passing of Morgan Dunn and not quite sure how to celebrate his life. Shanteh Wale has penned a little verse which says it all. Vale Morgan Dunn.

We bonded over Bollinger and wrangled over Riesling.
You are a dreamer and you believed in me.

We built castles of composition and made grandiose plans.
You are utopian and made me kindred.

There were moments of candidacy and, I suppose, not enough of those.
Dreams of making wine together, some place, somehow.

Your name unspoken on my lips.
In the same moment I’m told you cease to exist.

We would have moved mountains for you mate, but your island was out of reach.
You were reticent and you made me brave.

Your hair flick, a gesture of your gentility and smile forever inscribed in my heart.
You laughed easy and loved accordingly.

Your presence is felt in every syllable.
Your absence in all the spaces between.

You came with swagger.
A chronicle of kindness.
Your narrative was far from over.
and now you leave me speechless.



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