Tenute Girolamo ‘Monte dei Cocci’ Fiano 2019


For me, wine needs to be consumed with food for the full expression of gastronomy. When choosing a wine I like to first think about what I am going to eat with it. Sometimes I pick the dish or a recipe and from there I select a wine. It can be the other way around also. My approach to appreciation is based upon the pleasure a wine provokes. I like to assess how it triggers the senses while savouring it with food.

Quinoa and Salmon Fritters were on the menu. The wine I selected was this fiano from Italy’s Puglia region. Upon opening the aromas were restrained with white Lilly notes and an almond edge. Straight away it displayed typicity of a light Italian white, which often exhibit these characters. 

This fiano is light and fresh at 12.5%; it interacted beautifully with the ricotta side-salad, as well as the crispy edge of the fritters. I particularly liked how the crustier parts of the salmon fritters played with the almond textures of the wine. 

This wine has an easy-drinking style – I had to restrain myself from drinking the whole bottle! The salmon, quinoa and spinach further enhanced the juicy nature of the wine, which revealed a white nectarine finish on the palate.

Overall an adventurous wine proposition that delivered mid-week pleasure.