Wynns Coonawarra Estate Coonawarra Shiraz 2021


Viewed as a high-quality vintage, the 2021 shiraz tells a story of both ripe fruit and firm tannins. The result is a quiet elegance, almost unassuming. Brilliant purple-cherry juice red in colour. Expressive scent of blackcurrant, juniper, fennel seed and anise. Supple, ripe fruit follows. Medium bodied and restrained, it’s tempting to portray this youngster as still in development phase, working its many parts out and slowly coming together. Everything is in place, but not all are apparent. Wynns reds are never showy. The ’21 shiraz follows that model as is evident by the taut line and length, the subtle use of oak, the quiet layering of fruit flavour. This is top quality at the price, and, better still, the best drinking window may be yet to come.