Bloodwood Riesling 2018


Visiting Bloodwood is definitely something that should be on every winelover’s bucketlist. Stephen Doyle, the man behind this estate for almost forty years, is always entertaining, if a little bit Cuckoo’s Nest (I say that in the nicest possible way). We are inundated with weird wine names these days, but I am not sure anyone beat Stephen to the punch with his ‘Big Men in Tights’ Rose. This riesling has not been dubbed in such a manner (much to its relief, one suspects). This is a lovely, fresh, limey Riesling from the Orange region. Crisp with what appears to be almost glacéd lemon notes. The palate moves to a more full and ripe style with orange rind and honeysuckle notes supported by good acidity. This is absolutely delicious and the track record confirms that this will reward time in the cellar.