Kirrihill Regional Series Dry Riesling 2020


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Yes, it’s just a $19 wine. Yes, it gets a whopping big 94 point score out of 100. Let me tell you why.

At the heart of the 2020 Dry Riesling is the essence of the Clare Valley’s premier white grape variety: a combination of white flowers, jasmine, spring blossom and a lime cordial, citrus concentration. One deep inhale of the scent, and you are transported to the Clare Valley. You could not be anywhere else. Simple . . . and not so simple. Try that with a lot of other sub-$20 wines out there.

There is plenty of detail, too. Like the signature youthful zesty acidity that brings real energy to the wine. Acid fiends will rejoice but, for others, consider this kind of acidity as soft, that is, it’s not abrasive. It fits right in and will allow the wine to age with grace and drinkability from here on.

You can also trust that the emerging texture coming through on the wine will also gain substance. And, it’s DRY, and it’s indicated right there on the front label. Yes! So many rieslings remain a mystery to drinkers – and are therefore placed in the too hard basket – because they don’t know if they are buying dry, off-dry or sweet. So, that 94 points suddenly takes on real meaning. This is a classic Clare Valley riesling built for today, for tomorrow, that over-delivers on price.


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