Pacha Mama Chardonnay 2018


Feel like impressing your mates at a dinner party (on a budget)? This is the wine for you. Pacha Mama is named after the Incan fertility goddess, a fitting label for two dynamic young winemakers, balancing raising their families with making great quality, low intervention wines.

Callie Jemmeson and Nina Stocker source fruit for their wines from small growers across a diverse range of Victorian wine regions. The fruit for this Chardonnay comes from the cooler parts of the Yarra Valley. Known as the ‘Upper Yarra’ this area is known for producing fresher styles of chardonnay. 

This is such a pretty wine! It smells like the spritz of citrus that perfumes the air as you slice off a lemon wedge, strawberry blossoms, and ripe peak-of-summer nectarines that drip down your chin. There’s oak, but just a hint, adding a vanilla-bean frozen yoghurt fragrance that transports you firmly into summer. It feels silky in your mouth but still really fresh and moreish. Pair it with an old-school prawn cocktail (they’re making a comeback).

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