Pikes Wines The Merle Riesling 2021


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It’s a fascinating experiment to lineup the Pikes Traditionale and Merle rieslings side by side. One is the young bull at a gate, youthful power on display and ready to smack you between the eyes. The Merle though is more your quiet achiever – built for long term glory. There is a fantastic presence and confidence to The Merle and it immediately makes a strong statement that this is a very serious wine from Polish Hill River. Precise yet reserved aromas of Roses lime, florals, and even a touch of exotic peach skin. The Traditionale from the same vintage has plenty of flavour but The Merle takes it up a couple of notches with a powerful core of youthful fruit beautifully intertwined with crisp yet fine acidity which helps to draw out a wonderfully long finish. So much to like but you know its best days are ahead of it.

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