Taltarni Sangiovese 2021


Predominantly Sangiovese 87% with a dollop of Shiraz 7% and Cabernet Sauvignon 6%. The tale begins its tale with red Morello cherries, rhubarb stem and macerated pomegranate topped with blackcurrant pie and quince paste. There’s an undergrowth and hint of field mushroom with a touch of vanilla bean and crushed cocoa nibs. Hints of savoury sun dried capsicum that meets with bay leaf and fresh thyme. There is true Sangiovese acidity and structure bolstered by the Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz fruit. The wine integrates an old world feel of tart Sangiovese but with a friendly outstretched hand of varieties we know and love. This will please an assorted group of red drinkers. Drink with barbecued lamb ribs, fresh oregano and the garlic tahini sauce.