Capital Brewing Co Rock Hopper IPA


A big, juicy, aromatic West Coast IPA from the Canberra based Capital Brewing co, the Rock Hopper IPA is a truly defining beer. From the first whiff to the last sip, this beer takes you straight to flavour town and keeps you right up there until you cannot get any more out of the can! 

West Coast IPA’s have a huge hop forward profile, with a light malt body and a dry finish. Tropical flavours and aromas steal the limelight thanks to the dominate Citra, Amarillo, Centennial and Chinook hops used in the brew, bringing aromas reminiscent of a fruit salad. A strong bitterness is characteristic of West Coast IPAs. However with this brew from Capital, the bitterness is understated and is replaced with “sessionableness”.

A rock solid 6.1% ABV (1.8 std) is sure to leave its impression on you long after your last sip. The Rock Hopper is the perfect IPA for when you are searching for a beer that is full of flavour but light on bitterness. A step above your run of the mill IPAs, perfect for someone searching for that juicy kick!  

Variety: Other, Specialty