Days & Daze Sunswill Pinot Gris 2022


Days n’ Daze is a fun new range offering good value and fabulous flavours. It is apparently nothing to do, according to my research, with an American band from Houston in Texas called Days n’ Daze, which plays a style of music, rather improbably dubbed ‘folk punk’ and more specifically, ‘H-Town Thrashgrass’. I might stick to my Dylan and The Boss. The Sunswill Pinot Gris is described as a ‘shiny happy wine’, bringing in yet more musical links – thank you, REM. Pale yellow in colour, the nose exhibits rather delicious notes of crisp nashi pears and fresh green apples. There is a hint of a minerally background running below the surface. Dense and yet seductive with a supple texture, there is fresh, bright acidity and decent length offering classic Pinot Gris characters. Drinking now would be terrific and make sure it is served chilled.