Four Pillars Changing Seasons Gin


This new gin is a collaboration between two heavyweights of Asia Pacific craft distilling; Australia’s Four Pillars and The Kyoto Distillery of Japan.

There are significant parallels between these two collaborators. Late last year, Four Pillars succeeded Kyoto as the IWSC International Gin Producer of the Year.

And the success of both companies attracted rapid investment from multinationals. Japanese-owned Lion Beer Australia bought into Four Pillars last year, while European wine and spirits giant Pernod Ricard took a stake in Kyoto in March 2020.

You’d expect their combined efforts to produce a quality gin, and they have. A good whack of juniper up front is supported by a complex array of earthy, spicy, piney and citrusy notes, courtesy from the supporting combination of Australian and Japanese botanicals.

It’s a gin that actually drinks quite nicely on the rocks, if you’re into that. More crucially for a gin however, it mixes really easily: I combined it with Fever-Tree Mediterranean Tonic for a delicate and refreshing east-meets-west G&T. You can pick it up here.

5 Stars – James Atkinson

Variety: Other, Specialty