HOPE Grapefruit Hazy IPA


As the name suggests there is definitely grapefruit in this beer. An enormous citrus aroma greets your nose and the bold flavour leaves its impression. The grapefruit flavour is not overwhelming on the palate, as the beer finishes with a subtle dryness. The beer does have a nice haze although it’s not your typical hazy IPA. I was expecting a hoppy beer, boasting big U.S. hop varieties and instead I got something that was strangely refreshing and light, despite packing a punch at 6% ABV.

I love how experimental HOPE are with their ingredient selection for brewing – it is what gives life to craft beer. But this beer sits in a strange place; between not quite session-able and not quite enough to savour. I reckon grapefruit is better suited to lighter styles such as sours, so I will make sure to get my hands on a HOPE grapefruit imperial sour next time!