Parker Estate Terra Rossa Merlot 2022


My pick of the 2022 Parker Estate Terra Rossa trio. That lovely, velvety lush mouthfeel and gorgeous florals are exactly what we want, need and expect of Merlot. This is archetypal Merlot from a region that does it better than most. Red plum, cherry, anise, rose petal and florals immediately inform the drinker they are entering Merlot territory. Brings out the cinnamon and baking spices, plum, black cherry on the palate with a touch of spice and a splash of milk chocolate and woodsy oak. [NOTE: new oak is minimal, 10%, and is in the service of the fruit.] Finishes a tad short but, hey, that fruit-fuelled loveliness and plush mouthfeel more than make up for it.

Variety: Red Wine, Merlot