Pipers Brook Pinot Gris 2019


Pipers Brook was a trailblazer in Northern Tasmania with the original vineyards planted within sight of Bass Strait. It is a superb setting that is also at the mercy of the storms that whip Tasmania ensuring cool weather and beautifully elegant wine styles.

This wine is a mid-way style between the richer Pinot Gris styles and the lighter-bodied and restrained Grigio. It is pale in colour and displays subtle green apple and pear fruits that are gently aromatic without the heady aromas of many Gris plus a touch of almond kernel complexity. The wine is then crisp and light weight, a little bit textural but its the crisp acidity with a touch of balanced sweetness that drives its bright and youthful, easy drinking style. A good primer for Tassie Gris.

Variety: Other, Specialty