Posh Rosé from the Adelaide Hills – Terre à Terre 2018


It has been a long time coming but Rosé is finally a thing – a big thing. For years winemakers pretty much thought Rosé was a joke of wine, not the real thing, a bit of a laugh made with the leftovers. Poor old Rosé hardly stood a chance. But then it took off around the world. Slowly at first and some winemakers could hardly believe it, sure this was just a fad. But apparently not and now they are clambering over themselves to makes all kinds of Rosé. Generally quite dry and food friendly, Rosé is the new Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc injecting its pink fun everywhere. And it also tops Sauvignon Blanc for matching with food – Rosé has the power to match full flavoured meals and also the delicacy for anything more subtle.

This Rosé from Terre à Terre is at the posh end of the spectrum – light and fresh enough to enjoy for a casual drink but also hidden underneath is lots of personality. There is wild raspberry, even peach skin fruit and thanks to a bit of oak, which can be felt rather than tasted, it’s also got a creamy rounded texture. It’s bone dry, if you are watching your sugar, and delivers great character too. Proper Rosé done right.

Variety: Other, Specialty