Tahbilk 1860 Vines Shiraz 2015


Drinking a wine made from vines that are this old always adds an element of mysticism to the experience. Plus, we know the general rule; older vines produce less but more concentrated fruit which is usually of better quality. And that’s the case with this wine. 

The nose is still looking extremely youthful. There is plenty of fruit, with a dark cherry element that really sticks out, accompanied by lightly stewed blueberries and crushed violets. The oak is quite prominent at the moment, especially on the palate where notes of nutmeg and toast are not shy, but a wine with this amount of fruit needs added oak savouriness and rest assured that a few more years of bottle age will definitely promote better integration. The surprisingly silky and polished tannins add finesse and elegance to the wine on the finish.