Whicher Ridge Elevation Cabernet Sauvignon 2016


The producer makes a point of presenting this wine – by grape variety and region – as its flagship. It’s as if the maker is saying, Geographe may not be Margaret River (which lies to its south) but it can make quality cabernet sauvignon, too. Just give it a try.

At this price point, many drinkers will undoubtedly give it a go. What they get is a mouthful of aged flavour, of meaty, savoury complexity. I strongly suggest the drinker splash this wine around for a bit before drinking. It releases more character and freshness.

Cassis, spice, meaty, charcuterie-bacon notes on the nose. Cabernet blackberry, leaf, plums, licorice join a thread of dried herbs on the palate. The palate is starting to dry but while the fruit is alive; it makes for a rare aged red from Geographe that is worth exploring.