Bindi Quartz Chardonnay 2021


From the half hectare portion of the vineyard with the most intense incidence of quartz, this wine sees a little more time in barrel and a higher percentage of new oak, usually around 35%. No question that in time, this should prove to be the pick of the two top Chardies but, at the moment, things are still coming together and I’d drink the Kostas tonight. In a few years, though, this will reign supreme; it is a beautiful Chardonnay. A gleaming lime/gold hue, the aromatics are intense with the wine simply quivering with energy. Notes of cashews, limes, nectarines and minerals. There is a fine balance which has been achieved between the oak and the fruit with a slightly chalky backing and a firm finish. The wine has great length and impressive intensity throughout with hints of ginger and lemongrass. This wine will improve and does need time at the moment, but will then offer joy for at least a decade.