Brown Brothers Refreshingly Light Rose 2020


Low alcohol wines can achieve some lovely delicacy of flavour. It’s what they probably do best. So, rose is a given as a suitable recruit.

Great colour in a light raspberry blush-cum-rose-gold. It immediately catches the eye and the tastebuds follow.

Here’s where the forementioned delicacy comes into play. The aromas of cranberry, cherry and light florals are inviting and pretty. The palate fills with strawberry and cherry flavours and a touch of confectionery, like fairy floss, that dissolves in the mouth, and then finishes clean.

It’s interesting to note that 9% alcohol is seen as the sweet spot (or maybe that should be light spot) that wine producers in both Australia and New Zealand strive for. The interplay of alcohol, sugar and acid in grapes is a fine balancing act. This new range from Brown Brothers highlights that balancing act nicely. Expect to see and hear more about this wine style.