Driftwood Single Site Chardonnay 2022


One Margaret River producer described the 2022 Chardonnays as possessing “elegance, purity and refined acidity.” I was reminded of his remarks when tasting this little beauty. The year brought a general overall fineness of expression to Chardonnay. Fruit is less plush than in some vintages but comes with great poise. Acidity is bright, juicy, and you could even say, refreshing. A sunny, sea breeze, briny perfume with white nectarine, peach, grapefruit, green melon and just a hint of quince paste. The delicacy of the scent is a perfect indication of the flavour that follows, focused and tight against an expressive middle palate. The acidity comes into play here. It’s not aggressive, but it arrives with a touch of grapefruit pithiness, a “bite” of tartness, that really lifts. A good one for the cellar, if that’s your thing.