Panhead Pep Torque Watermelon Sour Ale


From NZ’s Panhead comes this zesty fruited ale made using the ‘kettle souring’ method; whereby the beer is soured using lactic acid bacteria before undergoing its main fermentation. You’ll never get complexity using this contemporary method, which is a quicker way of making a sour beer than the time-honoured practices of the Belgians. What it does deliver though, is crowd-pleasing refreshment. It pours a somewhat unusual red hue, reminiscent of a 70s brick home facade. There’s aromas of bright, freshly cut watermelon and a bit of cucumber, with a light creaminess on the palate from the lactic souring. I’d like a bit more of a tangy acid kick on the finish; but it’s still a great example of the style with which to tempt cider drinkers at your next Summer barbecue. Grab a case here.