Penfolds Bin 51 Eden Valley Riesling 2021


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Eden Valley signature florals are as prominent as ever: the scent of jasmine, apple blossom, honeysuckle joined by a rising lemon citrussy aroma. The familiarity with past releases of Bin 51 ends there, well, almost.  Yes, this is definitely an Eden Valley riesling of some quality. The purity of citrus and apple gives its provenance away. That floral overlay is captivating, as ever.

However, a closer look at the label’s fine print and the alcohol achieved in 2021 – a lowish 11% – combined with a markedly high acidity – 8.4 grams/litre – tells the other side of the Bin 51 story.  This is a wine endowed with a super brisk acidity. Yes, indeedy. I might call it captivating (acid hounds like me highly approve of such things). It plays against a lemon drop, citrus-lime sucking juiciness  and soft, baked apple flavours. It picks you right up. Others might call it aggressive at this early stage. I think this debate deserves to be put on hold for a while. Let’s take a look at this wine again a little further down the track, say, three to five years? Of course, I will be drinking it over the next three to five years and then some.  That’s riesling for you. Drink now? Drink later? Or, just drink on through?


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