Pikes “Luccio” Fiano 2020

One of the so-called “alternative” varieties the Pike family have planted in their Clare Valley vineyards. This outing adds considerably to the learning curve with fiano in the wider Australian experience – and finding a plausible set of descriptors is part of that understanding.  

This wine gives us plenty to think about, and certainly its complexity is totally riveting. There’s a thyme and lavender fragrance to start, and also similar apples and pears to its sibling pinot grigio; yet there’s sub-tropical custard apple and even jackfruit if you’re feeling a little equatorial. The palate is textural and mid-weight, and perhaps elicits a note of pink grapefruit without its biting acidity, so softer and layered in its fruit and savoury balancing act. A really interesting and engaging wine and best of all, seriously delicious. 

You can buy the wine here.

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