Terre à Terre DAOSA Blanc de Blancs 2018


A contrasting year and style to the previous 2017 vintage release which reinforces our understanding of what a vintage sparkling wine is and should deliver. We expect vintage variation or otherwise what’s the point? Here, you have it. The excellent 2017 DAOSA hailed from a cooler, wetter year. The 2018 vintage was warmer, drier and the result is a generous mouthful of flavour, one beautifully countered by Piccadilly Valley’s tangy acid drive. The singular integrity of Adelaide Hills Chardonnay is on display here so is, too, the kind of complexity achieved by more than four years on lees. It’s a powerful alchemy. An arresting, inviting bouquet awaits in white flowers, lemon-citrus, peach, apple, light confection notes and almond. Extended time on lees offers a powerful centrepiece to the wine of layered biscuit, brioche and sweet almond nougat amid white summer fruits enhanced by Hills’ über-fresh, riveting acidity. Captures the year succinctly while remaining true to the elegance we associate with DAOSA blanc de blancs. Precision all the way.