Wild Life Botanicals Blush


Low alcohol wine is here to stay as many drinkers are looking to enjoy a drink or two while taking it easy on the alcohol. There are now hundreds of wines available on the market and this is one of the best. Curiously it is made in England with the base of de-alcoholised wine. A range of botanicals and vitamins have then been added to give it a vibrant personality while keeping the alcohol at a low 0.5%, which compares to most sparkling wines at around 12%.

Pale pink in colour there is a delicious array of peachy, pear and watermelon aromas. There is then a distinct sweetness on the palate which is kept in good balance by tangy acidity with more tropical and now floral rose petal flavours plus a lingering finish. It’s refreshing and best enjoyed icy cold on a hot Summer’s day.

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