Xanadu Stevens Road Chardonnay 2020


The Gin Gin – aka Mendoza – chardonnay clone is very Margaret River. Very Western Australia, for that matter. It dominates plantings in the west while a range of French clones tend to be favoured around the rest of the country. The Stevens Road chardonnay is very Gin Gin . . . sunny, breezy, beachy. Like lounging on the sands of Gnarabup Beach, sipping on a freshly-squeezed tropical fruit juice, and taking in the scent of the ocean and the coastal scrub. That’s Gin Gin. This is a delightful wine, highlighting what we love about Margaret River chardonnay – its immediacy.

It’s obvious, luscious and absolutely delicious. Ripe peach, nectarine and citrus roll off the tongue easily. There is a lovely textural mouthfeel here, slippery and smooth. Oak presence is never too far away, but is far from excessive with a soft vanillin, almond butter overlay. The ripeness of the fruit and its richness demands attention as does the structure and extra layers of flavour that oak can bring. And it’s smart, well-seasoned oak. That makes a big difference. A wine for drinking now and for later. The best of both worlds.