Yangarra Ironheart Shiraz 2020


Certified Organic/Biodynamic with ‘Australian Certified Organic’. 20% whole bunch, 30% whole berry and 50% crushed. A complete wine. Savory, perfectly ripe fruit spills from the glass. Salted plum, nori, bresaola, red plum, pickled beets, Dutch liquorice, black cardamon, dried violets and crimson florals, tuberose, cinnamon quill and crackling 99% dark chocolate. Phew, there is so much going on here, every sip and every sniff draws out more of the picture and adds a piece of the puzzle to the finished story. Dried ocean spray grazing sun-kissed skin. Absolute velvet on the palate, prickled with whole black peppercorns and a life-inducing acidity. Gravelly ironstone, edging towards a ferrous centre. An inspired wine, perfectly balanced resplendent with fine boned, silky tannins and concentrated, yet elegant and perfumed fruit. Sublime. Words don’t do this justice.

Variety: Red Wine, Shiraz