A Thousand Gods,Love Letter Rose Pinot Rose 2020


Don’t let the colour fool you. With a deeper tone than the pale roses you commonly find on the shelves, this remains a dry rose but with depth and intensity. 

There is a Hibiscus, rooibos, berry iced tea thing happening. It is refreshing but it does give a mouthful you wouldn’t usually expect from a rose. The flavours are close knit, making this more aromatic whilst staying light-hearted.

It has a Christmas spice vibe to it, almost like a Rose that wants to be a light Grenache from L’Anglore. Spice is present; oriental spices and dried red fruits. Dried cranberries, leaning towards a fuller body but with detail. The wine evolves in the glass displaying dried herbs, sour cherries and watermelon gazpacho finishing with a salty edge which stays true to its refreshing nature.

Fun to pair with – think snacks straight away. Sardines with pickled shallots, tinned snacks and pickles.

Variety: Other, Specialty