BABO Wines’ Prosecco Rosé 2019


You could almost call this wine a world first, well almost. Only last year the Italian government legalised local Prosecco Rosé (although we’ve had it for a while) and the first wines have just started landing on our shores. After tasting this example I predict there will be an avalanche of Italian Pink Prosecco hitting our shelves any day.

Made in the usual Prosecco way with 11% pinot nero (that’s Italian for pinot noir), it has the most beautiful rose petal pink colour and the wine follows in the same vein with subtle peach skin, floral, strawberry and herbal fruits providing plenty of complexity. It’s then bright, fresh and clean on the palate – youthful, vibrant fruits with a creamy texture and measured sweetness followed by a long and crisp finish. It’s delicious and destined to become a classic drink to kick off a long lunch.

Variety: Other, Specialty
Categories: Drinks, Imported Wines