Balancing Heart ‘Evolve and Inspire’ Viognier 2019


A confession. My heart was anything but balanced tasting these wines racing at a thousand beats a minute. Even though I am technically within the city limits of Brizzy, I am surrounded by the rural. So it does get a bit David Attenborough at times – turtles, birds, catfish, water dragons all enjoying the creek which runs almost under the balcony, and even an occasional platypus. But there are lines to be drawn. So, when happily tapping away, something catches my eye. A rather large snake, definitely not a python, is swaying back and forth, having a very close look at me, from about three feet away. Thankfully there was glass in between. But it is a bit unnerving. Shooing away and even tapping on the glass pane did not bother it in the least. I guess it is fully aware that it is way more poisonous than I am. 

The wine. No one will mistake this for anything other than a full force Viognier. Classically varietal with that spicy attractive Viognier nose. And apricots everywhere. Apricot flesh, apricot perfumes and apricot kernels. Not to forget the dried apricot notes. Some dry herbs and florals but they are drowning next to the stonefruit. It is undoubtedly a love-it-or-hate-it style, but if you like full throttle flavours in your wines then this is for you and you’ll rate it more highly than I have. Finishes with some lovely orange blossom notes. Drink over the next 2-3 years.