Brand & Sons Fire and Ice Shiraz 2018


I was expecting Game of Thrones references here – perhaps the perfect wine to enjoy while watching Ned Stark’s head roll across the mud? Sadly, the name is far more prosaic. It refers to the dangers of frosts and the fight against them. No matter. I’m yet to encounter a wine where the name makes it taste better. This is a very dark purple. Near black. Real concentration and excellent balance throughout. Some early complexity is emerging. Not hard to see why it was originally shiraz and not cabernet which set Coonawarra on the path to greatness. Smoky blueberry notes, sweet blackberries. Really impressive length, fine tannins and good acidity. This will easily improve for a decade. Cracking wine. Better than any Arbor wine I would venture to say, even if Cersei would lock me away for such sacrilege.