Tar & Roses Pinot Grigio 2019


WINNER of a Winepilot Trophy for the greatest value wines in Australia.

Pinot Grigo is the new black. As Sauvignon Blanc has slowly lost its fashion status, Pinot Grigio, with its fancy European name, is sneaking in the back door to steal Sauvignon Blanc’s crown. The only problem is that lots of Pinot Grigio is fairly bland with not a hell of a lot of flavour. Until this wine came along.

This Victorian Pinot Grigio from Tar & Roses is the model for Australian Pinot Grigio. It is full of juicy, almost explosive fruits. It’s gently aromatic and pale in colour with the smell of Summer – bright and fresh pear and citrus fruits plus a touch of almost nutty complexity. It is mid-weight with great balance and with a finish of pure silk. Find this under $20 and you are in for a real treat.