Collector Summer Swarm Fiano 2019


There was a time not that long ago when no one, not even some winemakers, had even heard of the Italian white variety Fiano. Now it’s still in the alternative sphere but there’s more and more of it about and it’s a variety I love. What to expect? Generally fuller bodied wines but not quite in the Chardonnay spectrum of richness. The 2019 Collector Summer Swarm goes something like this…

Apricots to begin, then as I continued to swirl, I saw more of a honeysuckle nectar. In any case, gorgeous and beguiling. This is a textured wine, there’s softness and fullness on the palate. It’s by no means cloying though as a fine line of well-judged acidity carries the finish into crisp, crunchy dry territory. Yes, I could drink it on its own but for me, I’d prefer it with food. There’s enough richness on the palate to pull off something creamy, definitely some sort of shellfish. I’m picturing an old school classic combo like beurre blanc and marron, a bit decadent I know but certainly a match I’d love to see with this Fiano.